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Ghost Tour

Ghost tour image of building with clock at dusk.Since its beginnings, New Orleans has been indefinably mystical. Our long and storied history has left residents from the past walking among us - ghosts, spirits, and haunts that live in the most unsuspecting places. Experience an eerie evening walk of suspense into the dark edges of the haunted historic French Quarter. Hear the spine chilling tales of:

  • The Legacy of Death and Dying
  • Inhospitable Surroundings
  • Merciless Disease
  • Above Ground Burials
  • The Horrors of Slavery
  • Savage Piracy
  • Outrageous Corruption
  • Mysterious Nocturnal Citizens

Ghost tour image of people on the tour having a good time.

Drink in the history of the city as it's woven through legendary stories of misfortune, disasters, and disease that have left ghosts and spirits walking among us on our old New Orleans streets. Hear the stories of historical events, people, and sites that are now haunted. Learn the events that caused ghosts and haunts to remain amoung us, including gruesome deeds of the slave owners, and the city's most infamous and bloodthirsty.

This tour combines the ancient art of storytelling with historic research and documentation. Unlike a theatrical fantasy tour relying on costumes and camp, we draw heavily on the drama of history. See interesting sites that you might otherwise pass without notice and discover their ghostly history.

The ghost tour is approximately an hour and 45 minutes. Walking distance is about a mile total, but the tour stops at haunted sites where guides share the history of the site and stories of the events and hauntings at each site.


$25 for adults (13 yrs and up)

$12 for children (6 to 12)

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Ghost tour image of older building on corner.Ghost Tours begin at:

8:15 pm Nightly

Toulouse Royale Gifts
601 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130 map
Corner of Toulouse and Royal in the heart of the Historic French Quarter.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the tour leaves.

Hourly parking is available along the river, next to Jack's Brewery, two blocks from the start of the tour.

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